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Watercolor Holiday Cards

Thanksgiving Card

As we approach the holiday season, I’ve decided to offer some of my prints as holiday cards. Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is first in line with my baby squirrel sleeping in a nest of fall foliage. The colors are so vibrant. And,…

Wolf Awareness Week – October 12-18


This week is National Wolf Awareness Week. Every third week of October marks this celebration, and organizations around the country dedicate the week to informing people about wolves and their importance within the ecosystem and our planet. Ever since I…

The Raccoon Art Watercolor that Surprised Me

Raccoon Watercolor Art

As an artist, you are often conflicted as you go through the process of creation. You may have moments when you feel as though the creativity and talent is flowing through you like a spring river and your newest creation…

Animal Alphabet and Number Flash Cards

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

My animal alphabet art and animal numbers have been so popular, that I’ve branched out to introduce Flash Cards. The flash cards are a wonderful gift for friends having babies, or as playroom art for older children. They can also…

Polar Bears and Penguins in Watercolor


There’s something about penguins and polar bears I love. Maybe it is the fact that they live in a landscape I personally can’t fathom (I’m not a cold-weather fan). Penguins are sweet creatures who value their family structure. And polar…